Let the Spring Shine In

Spring has finally come to central Florida so this is the time to re create SIMPLICITY. This is one of my favorite combinations for taking a stroll through the town on a hot day with a couple of friends. The white linen under shirt is the best for keeping the suns rays away as well as ripped jeans to let some air hit my legs. More than 90% of the time I have some type of bag on me, (in this case a messenger bag) just so I can carry what I want without having to deal with clunky pockets weighing down my pants. Keeping a thin layered, casual outfit like this is perfect for hot days like these.

T shirt: divided blue

Button up: H&M man

Pants: H&M

Slippers: Aldo

Glasses: Ray ban

Messenger: Mr.B’s gentleman’s boutique 

                       Be cool,


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