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The past year has been an emotional roller coaster transitioning from my home town of the talking mouse; sunny Orlando, FL to the fast paced, dog eat dog city of Washington D.C. (Which is technically a district not a city). HOWEVER due to the 4 seasons that the NE experiences, you learn one thing and you learn it well: materials. I learned by trials and tribulations so if you’re a southerner like me moving to a more seasoned environment, listen closely! It has recently become the season of freezing and after realizing that a simple cotton under shirt wasn’t going to cut it, it finally dawned on me that it’s not how much you layer but what you’re using to layer that will decide your time during the winter. Let’s be real though, It’s cold but not the blizzard of Jan. 2016 cold in which was my first time seeing snow and Nike air max 95’s are NOT equivalent to snow boots.Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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What you see draped on me is not your father’s double breasted suit. This is SUITSUPPLY’s badass SOHO fit. Slim, wide peaked lapels and the super 110 fabric makes it both durable and drape BEAUTIFULLY on my 42R physique. The trousers are a winter ready thick wool that I still cuffed because 2 inch cuffs are life, ok. The pants are really important so pay close attention: I do try to make it to workout as much time that time will let me and that does put a damper in me finding a suit set off the rack, thankfully SUITSUPPLY’s tailors are magicians and not only make me look sexy but also make me comfortable at the same time; A concept that troubles a lot of us. Especially waist down. My waist might be a 35 but my thighs aren’t getting into anything off the rack that isn’t a 37 (pre tailored). Again, the tailors are MAGICIANS. It’s a simple process to get an amazing finish. Mind you, different body types require different treatment. For me, just like a lot of endomorphs, I had to take in from the waist, seat, very little from the thigh, and only a little tapering on the leg, depending on a personal preference of leg opening. I usually like my pant legs a little tighter but the 1960’s really inspired this piece so I wanted to give the vision justice. As for the tie: this rad SUITSUPPLY burgundy tie is executed in a beautiful double 4-in-hand knot and will draw your eyes in for a trance and the party doesn’t stop there.

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Salvatore Ferragamo.

Standing for 8 hours, walking for a few miles, showing off some sweet new merengue skills; If you experience one of these if not all, if you’re wearing a pair of Ferragamo’s you’re going to have a good time. The leather is soft and molds right to your foot without having a break in period. They are not built to be lifetime shoes however they offer a classic Italian style with impeccable comfort at a reasonable price. If you’re fortunate like I am and the cold doesn’t bother your ankles, by all means leave the boots at home and rock those loafers, I know you’ll rock them well.

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  • Shirt: ASOS
  • Socks: GAP
  • Shoes: Salvatore ferragamo


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Until next week, Cheers.

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