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With the winter creeping up one key piece we should all have in our arsenal is a simple top coat. Well constructed wool, and tailored to a perfect drape. Some of you lucky gents out there will be fortunate enough to find a great fitting one right off the rack, if so do yourself a favor and see if the brand has the same one in a different color and take full advantage. Camel top coats have definitely been the fashion piece must have for this fall/winter and that’s what Sohail is rocking perfectly to a T! With this piece, you can pair with a sleek and sexy pair of grey slacks or throw on some denim (light wash or dark) and you’re right on track with the menswear game. Now if you would like to throw your own twist on it to show everyone you’re not like the other guy, Sohail can show you that the small details can go a long way. A perfect example of that is how he threw on some rad brown wingtip boots a settle olive cardigan with red/white striped socks and he is bringing justice to a must have piece.
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A classic color to every great outfit is navy. It’s calming, inviting and damn sure slimming. Andrew is showing that a navy topcoat is an iconic piece that is appropriate in any setting and in any time of day. What Andrew did here is make himself a statement by simply just using the essentials. A lighter wash denim with a grey turtleneck and a well pair of tan leather wingtips. What makes this outfit so much better and much more beneficial for anyone dealing with the winter are the brown leather gloves that add a bold touch that bring out his shoes a nice conclusion to his complete fit.
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Barnette, being a more elegant man himself; he puts a powerful and classic finish on his outfit with his lovely black Burberry top coat. Black wool to keep a more formal look with leather accents to show he’s not all business and he enjoys the small details with his outfits. To keep warm in the more cooler climates he has a black wool sweater and a white button down hiding under his topcoat to emphasis that if he is going to an indoor event, he can confidently take his topcoat off without losing any of the power to his outfit. Black slacks and black suede slippers finish this outfit so you know this man is no stranger to elegance. Adding color to his tassels is bold but brings a little fun to a traditional black and white outfit. If you gents love color but don’t know how to appropriately execute it, Barnette makes a great example to letting people know your the boss but an approachable boss.
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For me, I am a fiend for loafers and if you’re like me and have ankles that never get cold then it’s never a wrong time to throw on a pair of no show socks and your favorite pair of black leather loafers! I am a big fan of pattern and we all like to change it up from time to time and a burgundy houndstooth top coat does exactly that! Paired with a navy turtleneck in substitute of a scarf and a classic pair of warm Levi 510s makes this outfit simple and effective. One detail that makes any outfit made my way are the 2 inch cuffs on my pants, I enjoy a good cuff and don’t own a single pair of pant that isn’t cuffed. The 2 inch is more of a personal touch being that a good friend debated with me that jeans should have a max of 1.5 inch cuff in which he is right on the account that it is more aesthetically pleasing however I like to show individuality so 2 inch cuff it is bucko.
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There are many ways of executing a good top coat. Not only are they a great fashion piece but also a utilitarian every day item when the winter chill creeps up on us. It’s important to invest in what you like and never settle for second best. If the fit isn’t the best but the style is what you hope and dream in a coat then invest in your local tailor to finish the look you want that’ll make your off the rack top coat into your own exclusive piece made just for you!
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•Sohail Ahmad
IG: @theseasonalgent
•Andrew J
IG: @redhott513
•Barnette Holston
IG: @dcfashionfool
Photographer: Alyssa Butler
IG: @yoalyssab
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