Learn From Your Sneakers


I’m a proud owner of brogues, monk straps, loafers, and other menswear dress shoes. I love them all for different reasons and occasions. If I could, I’d wear them everyday for every reason but unfortunately that wouldn’t be the wisest desicion. I invested a substantial amount of money into these and although they are meant for 10 + years, I want to keep them as fresh as long as possible, I’m sure many of you owners can agree as well to.

with this knowledge, we need to find an every day shoe that is comfortable, best worn casual, and is used in the times your dress shoes shouldnt be. I think you know where im going with this. Sneakers! but not all sneakers are meant to be treated equally. For my two favorites, I toggle between Converse All Stars and Vans Authentic. Yes, there are many other variations that may have better leather or a better construction however, for the price point and the heritage between the two sneakers makes them unparalleled. They both have canvas or leather options so it can be an all season shoe and they make any plain outfit look pretty damn good! Cuff your pants, show some ankle, and start with an all white pair. Objective: Wear them, were them anywhere and embrace all the dirt and tears they will receive because these are basically those every day jeans that you wore in perfectly but for your feet.


There are a lot more good sneakers out there like Adidas Stan Smiths, NMD’s, Pure Boost, Puma Suedes, Yeezy’s, and if you’re into it, Jordans. As for activities like running, Adidas pure boost or Nike Roshes have been good to my feet. My next pair? I 100% am in the market now for Nike flyknit racers. They are light, make me feel nimble, and also look sleek on. whats your favorite sneaker you own?



Take it easy, everyone.


One thought on “Learn From Your Sneakers

  1. My favorite sneakers right now are my Adidas NMD black CitySocks with gun rubber and my Nike Killshots from JCrew. Although I love cream colored Chucks as well.


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