White Party Vibes

So, you got invited to an exclusive white party with the coolest of cool crowding the scene. What are you going to where? its actually pretty easy, you’re going to wear white.

It’s that time again for the annual white party Diner En Blanc” around the world, and unfortunately, a white tee, white dickies, and white sneakers aren’t going to cut it in this type of scene. For the D.C. edition, people from all over the DMV gather around and conjure up some creative ideas for their outfits and their table settings. Mind you, its August, its hot, and there will be red wine so tread lightly. I kept it really easy and chill for this year because if there’s going to be alcohol and dancing, we need to be wise with our choices.

I went for a more Havana look, with a beautiful thin cotton shirt with wide collars. The white pants are a thicker cotton which is actually more generous for my bigger thighs. More fabric makes it more difficult to tear. They are tapered on the lower leg and finished with a 2 inch cuff. i brought out “old faithful” as well, The Converse All Stars that look so killer in all white. This was a very affordable outfit being that the shirt is from H&M and the pants are from J Crew thus keeping my outfit looking good and won’t break my heart too much if I did happen to accidentally spill something on it. For place of reference,  I successfully didn’t spill anything on my clothes!
Shirt: H&M Man

Trousers: J Crew Cotton (tailored)

Shoes: Converse 

Human: Me.
Don’t forget to keep this in your favorites for when Diner en Blanc rolls around again!

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