EditFlorida is widely known for 1 thing, It’s hot as hell. Naturally linens and light cottons work wonders in this realm however, The heat shouldn’t be the deciding factor of you wearing what you want (with in reason). The jeans I’m sporting are a very light weight and have a nice stretch for added comfort and my jacket is my stubbornness allowing me to dress how I want however it’s thin enough to fight sweat. A nice short sleeve linen button down is the selling point for this outfit because once you get a little breeze, you’re feeling all of it through the thin fabric. Vans are one of my favorite sneakers because of how classic and versatile they are, plus the canvas shell goes easy on me when Im doing some serious walking. Great add on? Find your favorite hat and keep the sun out of your eyes!
There are the glory days in Florida when the temp drops to a cool 65 degrees but take advantage when it’s around because even in winter, it’s still hot. I’m grateful to be in living in D.C. now where 4 seasons exist and an actual 6 months of cool breeze to exact. This post can really play part in anyone’s life no matter where you live because I’ve actually dealt with some hot summers in the city due to the tall buildings trapping the heat inside and my occupation demands me to be wearing suits year round so we need to get smart to still enjoy what we wear without the cost of sweat puddles.
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