Your First Suit

Congratulations! You’ve finally found a reason to purchase your first suit but what would be the perfect first option? Black is too formal/ has become the dreaded uniform of the service industry. A blue is great but can’t be paired with everything, a gray or charcoal are serious contenders but there is no more versatile option than a crisp, all season, navy suit. If you wanted to make it more casual, break up the suit and pair the jacket with dark denim jeans or leave the tie at home. Shoes, say no more. Black, chocolate, tan, burgundy, navy, orange, whatever you want it’ll pair nicely and effortlessly. I’m seen showcasing a 2inch cuff on my pants and no break for a little more modern look. Later on I’ll get into the small details that make or break how you look in a suit. Until then, happy hunting!

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