For many years, boots were made for many purposes. They were utilitarian but also known for escalating an outfit. A classic side zip boot was created for convenience for time. The side zipper is a quick release component for your foot to eject and insert itself from the boot without you having to take time dealing with shoe laces. Shoe laces can create a snug and comfortable fit however good materials on a side zip boot were meant to be snug at first as they form to your foot in time. A side zipper takes mere seconds while fumbling with laces can take upwards of a few minutes and sometimes people don’t have that kind of time.

This particular side zip boot is strait at entry point but curves as you get closer to the sole. The reason is (again for convenience), because these boots were meant to be very snug Story Et Fall wanted a plug & play option where you could slide your foot in with ease since the opening is more narrow than most boots.

The aesthetics of this boots pays homage to 70’s & 80’s glam rock but with a western boot twist. It comes equipped with a 40mm stacked heel for a more form and elegant look with a narrow & rounded off finish in the toe. Standard heels for boots are usually anything between 20mm – 30mm however this isn’t your normal boot. This subtle flair is bold but can easily go under the radar for those not trying to grab too much attention. A major benefit from this higher heel is adding 2 inches to your standard height and 2 inches can make all the difference



About the brand

Story et fall is what I’d like to call the perfect homage to Saint Laurent’s 2013 boot collection. Their silhouette is as close as can be to Hedi Slimane’s coveted boots when he was the creative director of Saint Laurent. There is a difference of quality in leather however, for paying a fraction of SLP’s price and having a custom option for width, style, heel length, and fabrics, this brand makes their boots worth the wait time & money. I’m not sure of the population of fans and clients Story Et Fall has however, there are forums dedicated to this brand and their own section in GRAILED. The owner Lian, will be your point of contact in terms of inquiries, your process of purchase, and after service. Lian’s quick responses and willingness to help his clients makes purchasing from Story Et Fall a smooth and enjoyable process.

IMG_1356 2

For my particular boot, I wanted 2 separate styles, Which was the harness 560 but I wanted a non harness version as well for a more sleek look for when I’m wearing them with suits. I didn’t want to spend double on buying the same boot with just a similar change in detail so Lian was kind enough to create a detachable harness for my 560’s which gives me that option without having to spend the extra cheddar on 2 separate pairs (thus extending my investment) .

Now, when I’m wearing this boot, the amount of outfits I can make is almost infinite. Thus making this boot a key staple to own in the closet. Between suits, overcoats, and the usual punk rock look, this boot elevates every outfit with just subtle changes. If you are not fond of having a 40mm heel, I strongly recommend nothing lower than 30mm heels. You’re now one step closer to this awesome boot, don’t forget to tell Lian I sent you!



Photos by:Anthony Bolognese

photos by:Juan Betancurt

Boots: Story Et Fall


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