Redefining the White Sneaker

For many years, a classic white sneaker has been a staple in fashion & style. Starting its debut the 1950’s with PF flyers & converse all stars; these signatures are still desirable and used in every day wardrobe, today. The Nike Air Force ones and Van authentics from the 90’s era Have joined the hall of fame of being a timeless all white sneaker. Now, we have a new desired silhouette for the minimalist and sartorialist. It’s a sleek design with high grade leather, no symbols or Emblems to be seen. It’s become the white shoe of the new generation but does it hold up to its competitors of the generations?

We’re facing an era in trends where clunky & “ugly” shoes are building hype, satire has found its place in fashion and what’s more satire than an ugly shoe. BUT, thankfully not all hope is lost and there’s still a desire for sleek and smooth lines in shoe design. In today’s world, suits are becoming more casual and people are dressing much more simple but still want to use high quality materials that are found in their dress shoe. All the shoes I mentioned prior are made in China, most likely in sweatshops, and use cheap materials. Beckett & Simonon decided against that. They studied the market and trends but also shoes that can be timeless. When they released the Reid, they did exactly that and hit the nail on the head!

My initial response when opening the box was “damn these are like clouds”. Walking around in them felt this nice bounce that relieved my feet from having to do much work. For that, I’d consider them a great every day shoe. By now, I’ve worn them a hand full of times dirt doesn’t seem to get attracted to them so easily, that’s a huge benefit for an all white shoe.

Now…I know what’s on your mind, this shoe highly resembles the common projects Achilles low and I still haven’t mentioned what most of you are thinking. Yes, both shoes resemble each other, greatly. They both use high quality leather, high quality laces and amazing construction. There’s only 2 differences between the shoes, common projects has a gold embroidery of the style code on the rear side panel of their shoe and Beckett & Simonon doesn’t have any distinctive symbols anywhere. Another difference is the common projects Achilles low range between $350-$415 and the Beckett & Simonon Reid are $250 but are currently on sale for $149 and if you use my discount code, they’re 20% lower of that price. You could almost buy 4 pairs of Beckett’s for the price of 1 CP’s. I live my life relying heavily on logic and one of these shoes seems more logical than the other.

I’d be more than happy to read your thoughts on this shoe or the perfect white shoe for this matter. Let’s talk in the comments below!

First outfit:

Jacket: Custom Lubiam Jacket

Trousers: Zilli

Shirt: Zilli

Second outfit:

Jacket: COS

Trousers: Zara

Shirt: Jcrew

Sneakers : Beckett Simonon Reid

For 20% your purchase, use ROMIN20




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