Summer Skies

I’m going to make this brief and easy. This summer has made it very tough for staying fashionable and not sweating through your garments. For me, I stuck to the usual contenders, cottons and linens. They’re light, breathable and feel great on your skin. I’m trying to take advantage with this beautiful weather we’re having  in D.C. so do try to spend majority of my free time outdoors. Unfortunately, my clothes get the worst of it.

I’m pairing a cotton short sleeve button down with a cotton pant from SUITSUPPLY to give this look a some hope in the break of summer. Floral print is hot right now, especially with those “dad on vacation’ inspired silhouettes. Last, I’m wearing Allen Edmond’s Dalton loafers in a beautiful deep burgundy to bring out the colors of the shirt. I usually have my short sleeve shirts cuffed as well as my pants, I tend to prefer cuffs for myself, I feel it makes the garment a little more sleek. I do have no show socks on from GAP, they work so good they’re not even showing!

The Allen Edmonds did a fantastic job of staying comfortable while I was clearing around 4 miles walking around Old Town, Alexandria in Virginia. It’s become one of my favorite places to spend time outside of the DMV because of te cobblestone roads and vintage city appeal. if you’re looking for a cool new spot and you’re in the DMV area I strongly recommend checking it out, and if you have been there, you know what I’m talking about!


Shirt: H&M MAN




Enjoy your Summer everyone!

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